The Danger of Ice Dams

Ice DamsAn “ice dam” is a wintertime backup in your home’s gutter system that could allow water to seep under your roof, into your attic and down into the structure of your home. This can cause serious — and expensive — damage. The first sign of an ice dam?  Those pretty icicles hanging down from the edge of your gutters!

To deter ice dams from forming requires two steps, starting at the peak of your roof. A properly vented roof will keep attic temperatures balanced and help prevent the cycle of “freeze and thaw” that allows ice dams to form.

An equally important step is to have properly designed and installed gutters. The gutter system should effectively carry water from melting snow and ice away from your home and not allow it to back up and freeze.

In addition, a protective cover system like Roof Masters Leaf Away or Leaf Relief will help keep debris out and help keep water flowing, preventing clogs and backups.

Don’t let winter ice dams ruin your home! Roof Masters can help you free your gutters of dangerous ice dams and take preventive steps to keep them from reoccurring.

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