Hurricane Season: It’s Better to be Safe Than Sorry

The weather nowadays seems like it is getting more and more unpredictable every season, which is quite inconvenient and dangerous. This is especially true in places like Maryland, which has a wide array of climates that differs on each part of the state. Being always prepared is important if you want to have minimal damage on your home, particularly on your roof and siding. Read more »

Get a Long Lasting Quality Roofing System for your Home

Choosing the right contractors who uses the right materials can guarantee a long lasting roofing system. That is why if you plan to start a home improvement that involves your roof, make sure to thoroughly research on the top roofers in Maryland. Check if they have certifications from credible manufacturers, if their workforce is factory-trained, and how experienced they are in dealing with roof concerns. Read more »

List of How to Conduct a Proper Inspection of your Roof

Washington DC is one of those places that have a complex climate due to its geographical location, which paves way to severe weather systems like frequent thunderstorm and the occasional tornadoes. Blizzards, hurricane, and nor’easters have also been known to affect the area. The effects of these are always visible on the residents’ homes particularly on the roof. Therefore, being prepared is imperative since no one really knows when elements combine and create another severity. Read more »

Control the Heat in Your Home with Insulated Vinyl Siding

The recent report from had reported an increasing number of incidents where a lot of residents became victims of heat-related incidents:

BALTIMORE —Maryland health officials have reported the first heat-related deaths of the summer season.

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said a woman from Harford County and a man from Baltimore County died in the past week.

Both were over the age of 65 and had underlying health conditions. Officials have not yet released the victims’ names.

There were 17 confirmed heat-related deaths from May through September 2013 in Maryland, officials said. The state confirmed 46 such deaths in 2012 during that time period. Read more »

Simple Things to Remember When Hiring a Certified Contractor

Hiring people who do basic property maintenance can practically save us more time and effort, however, this doesn’t assure us that we are getting what we are willing to pay for. In an article released on, a homeowner in Maryland had fallen into the tricky trap of a fly-by-night “contractor”:

ROCKVILLE, Md., (WUSA9) — “They poured concrete here, cut the branch off, $2,000,” says Eric Barr.

The contractor originally told his 80 year old aunt, Selma Newton Boone, that it would cost $700 to trim the branch from her tree.

“He was unlicensed, didn’t do much work and basically stole an extra $1300 from her, says Eric Friedman. He is with the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection.

The local authorities are advising residents to be wise in hiring contractors since this kind of incident is becoming prevalent in the state. Not only that, several states have already devised their own anti-fraud legislations on services such as roofing and housing repair to eliminate the reoccurring cases of scams and fraud. While these rulings are still in the works, homeowners can follow the following tips to save them from the hasty and treachery of fly by night con artists:

  • Research before hiring someone. Reliable roofing companies in Maryland do have their permanent address as well as contact numbers. This is one way that ensures homeowners that these companies would less likely disappear.
  • Years of Experience. Their skills and expertise are verified by the years they have been delivering these services to their previous clients. Most roofing companies have a portion of their clients’ testimonials on their website, all provided to guarantee that they are genuinely committed to deliver such services.
  • Member of a recognized organization/manufacturer in the industry. Well established and trusted contractors usually are recognized members or certified distributors and installers of world renowned manufacturer of housing materials such as CertainTeed.

Finding the right contractors in your area doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult; choosing wisely saves us from the harsh trickery of scams and frauds. For a reliable roofing service that won’t leave you broke and heartbroken, Roof Masters are one of the best roofing contractors in Germantown MD that are committed to serve and provide you excellent roofing services you more than deserve.

(Article Excerpt From Crackdown targets unlicensed contractors,, June 6, 2014)